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June 2011

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Sports fans and players enjoy wearing

by writer on June 27, 2011

Sports fans and players enjoy wearing Serengeti Sedona sunglasses for their adjustability in any daylight condition. The rose colored lenses are capable of preventing glare even when the light is flat, while double gradient reflectors fight glare from both forward and reverse angles. For this, a lot of golfers, skiers, and boating fanatics enjoy wearing the Sedona style.

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Blood samples were sent to the German

by writer on June 27, 2011

Blood samples were sent to the German labs where they were tested and confirmed to be typhus positive. At first, the Germans issued red telegrams quarantining the affected families to their houses. Lazowski was careful to send a fair number of injected patients to other doctors in order not to draw undo attention to the same two doctors.

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cheap oakleys Each time I am struck by the deterioration. Each time there is another horror. In March it was the daily bombing of the infrastructure. “This episode was incredibly myopic in the way it portrayed him.” Another of Dr. Jovey’s patients, Marty Whittaker, exemplifies that balance. She was in unbearable pain after she broke her back in a water skiing accident cheap oakleys.


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Legal Authority Outplacement Program

by A. Harrison Barnes on June 18, 2011

Legal Authority’s Legal Outplacement Program is comprehensive and structured to meet the needs of employers looking to scale down particular members of their workforce and direct them into more efficient career directions. Whether your organization is restructuring, or responding to your perception of a particular employee’s needs in the marketplace, we can help.

Because we have the largest database of legal employers anywhere, we can be effective in helping attorneys transition into new roles within virtually any city in the country where they may need to seek alternative employment. Allowing Legal Authority to help manage your outplacement program can result in significant savings when you consider the value of goodwill from past employees and the moral advantages of ensuring that past employees locate meaningful positions.

Step One: Needs Analysis

The first step of our outplacement service involves analyzing the current needs of the employer we are consulting for. Generally, all initial contact with our offices involves exploring your particular outplacement needs and explaining the solutions we can provide. Our goal in the needs analysis stage is to explore the delicate issues surrounding your need for outplacement services. Once we have done this, we will be in a better position to understand the needs of the individuals within your organization we will be assisting with outplacement services. All information shared with Legal Authority is held in strict confidence and your particular needs are never discussed with the employers you will ask us to represent.

Step Two: Employee Assessment

We believe that one of the most useful things that attorneys can do when switching jobs is to take the time to understand where they are coming from and where their interests lie. Accordingly, we will generally conduct an in-depth telephone interview with each employee to determine exactly where their interests lie and their career objectives. Additionally, we have found the use of the Strong Campbell Interest Inventory and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator tests useful. We will generally offer this information to your employees and give them the option to complete this information and learn from its feedback. In initial discussions with a given employee, we will attempt to identify job sources they may not have considered initially such as current contacts and other sources of position.

Step Three: Allowing Employees to Learn from Assessment

Once we have had an initial discussion with your employee, we will generally send them several books which are tailored to their particular interests and career aspirations. At a time of change, we have found that many attorneys are hungry for information and this information can come from several sources—including us and other publications. In most instances, we will make an effort to get reading materials into an attorney’s hands within 48 hours of our initial contact with them.

Step Four: Resume and Cover Letter Creation

After our initial contact with an attorney, we will make an effort to work with them to craft and revise a cover letter. Depending upon the situation a given employee is coming from, we may prepare the resume and cover letter for them and allow them to revise additional drafts of the resume.

Step Five: Employer Identification

Using our database, we will work with each employee to help them approach employers in the given areas of the United States they are interested in. We can approach as few as one legal hiring organizations or as many as 500. Our job is to ensure that your given employee gets a new position through our efforts. Since we are not an attorney recruiting firm, our candidates benefit from the fact that no recruiter is involved in their job search and that our only objective is to provide support to help your employee find new work.


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Some find treasures in city’s trash

by writer on June 6, 2011

Some find treasures in city’s trash

The Public Safety Building’s east side parking lot turned into an auction ring on Saturday. Hundreds of bicycles, almost a dozen vehicles, tables filled with boxes of computers and other electronic equipment and miscellaneous items that the City of Danville no longer needed filled one side of the lot. Those who came out for the auction quickly filled the spaces that remained; latecomers had to park elsewhere.

Even with all the items up for sale, Col. Ronald Calhoun found enough room to drive his truck between them. He switched back and forth between the different categories of merchandise. That kept the crowd moving and on its toes.

The bicycles were the first items to go on the auction block. Calhoun started most of them at about $30, but if he didn’t get the price he wanted, he dropped the opening bid to as low as $1.

Jim Meyer of Danville bought his nephew, Brad Waller, a 15 speed Roadmaster. The two agreed that it would cost more than $100 new, but Meyer said, “I got it for $13 or $14, I’m not sure. All that’s wrong with it is it’s missing a small bolt.

“He visits me from Champaign on the weekends,” the uncle said about his nephew. “Now he’ll have something to ride when he’s here.”

Next on the duo’s wish list: a computer, preferably a laptop.

Robert Fauver was looking elsewhere when he realized what he really wanted was being sold. He ran around the auction truck just in time to make the winning bid on a vehicle diagnostic unit.

“I work on cars for my family and my friend,” the Tilton man said. “This analyzes what’s wrong with an engine. It has the manual with it, so I’ll be able to read all about how it works.

“I planned to bid up to $40 for it,” he said. “The hand held scanners they use now cost as much as $300.

“I almost missed bidding because I was looking at some speakers. That’s why I had to go to $45 to get it.”

It wasn’t long before something caught the Carters’ eyes. Like all boys with toys, a bright red fire truck drew them to it like a magnet a 1979 American LaFrance pumper that the city included in the sale.

“If it’s cheap enough, I’ll buy it,” the younger Carter said. “I’d give $400 or $500 for it. I could cut it up and scrap it. Look at all the aluminum. I could sell that, and someone would want that diesel motor.

“If it won’t drive, I’ve got a 10 ton trailer it could fit on.”

His dad said, “I could always use it for a lawn ornament.”

Greg Tissier, a Danville CPA, looked at the electronics up for sale. He hoped to find a laser printer at a good price.

“I think having the auction this way is a good idea,” he said. “The taxpayers originally bought this merchandise. Now they have the cheap jerseys opportunity to buy it back for themselves.”.