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Networking and Your Job Search

by J.J. on September 30, 2014

Networking and Your Job Search

Are you an attorney or law student who has just started your job search or is interested in transitioning to a new job? If you are, then donai??i??t forget to include networking as part of your job search.

Some attorneys and law students feel that networking is not beneficial to their job search and career. Air Jordan 18 However, networking is actually one of the most important and effective ways to land a job. Scarpe Air Jordan 13 Nike Air Max 2017 mAi??skie Nike Pas Cher It is also a skill that will help you long after youai??i??ve obtained your new job (i.e., it will help you acquire and maintain relationships with clients). Other attorneys and law students feel that they just donai??i??t have time to network. buy albion silver fjAi??llrAi??ven kA?nken paris However, you should make time to network. cheap albion gold Hollister Magasin After all, it is a great way to make connections that could possibly open up new opportunities and allow you to learn more about your areas of interest.

Preparing for Networking

Before you begin networking, you should think about what type of people you want to network with. asics homme Also, you should think about what type of job youai??i??re interested in. Parajumpers Femme adidas 2017 pas cher Prepare answers to questions about your career and your interests. Also, make sure that you have business cards, resumes, cover letters, and references prepared. Adidas Scarpe Uomo Under Armour Curry One You want to be present yourself in a professional manner, and you want to be ready when the potential opportunity presents itself.

Ways to Network

1. Parajumpers Masterpiece Gobi Bomber One of the easiest ways to network is through local city, county, and state bar associations. nike air max pas cher Yeezy Boost 350 V2 cheap albion gold If you are a law student, you can join the student membership section of the Bar association. Typically the different bar associations have meetings, seminars, and other gatherings where you can meet attorneys and other legal professionals in your areas of interest.

2. Air Max 90 Donna 2017

Another easy way to network is through your law school. albion gold Law schools have many social events and legal seminars that bring an array of legal professionals together. Additionally, ask your law schoolai??i??s career counselor for a list of alumni who work in fields that interest you. NIKE AIR ZOOM STRUCTURE 20 New Balance While youai??i??re at it check out the alumni from your undergraduate college too.

3. Dayton Flyers Jerseys Also, donai??i??t forget to network through those you interact with everyday, such as your friends, colleagues, and classmates. Texas Tech Red Raiders Youai??i??d be surprise of how resourceful your close associates can be.

4. Fjallraven Kanken Classic Nike Air Max 2016 Dames Social networking sites are another great source for networking. New Balance 999 homme Nike Air Foamposite Donna It is the waive of the future. cheap albion silver It allows you to display information about yourself and it allows you to learn about others. Parajumpers Homme Pas Cher buy albion gold Some social sites many people are already members of are Myspace and Facebook. Victor Cruz Jersey albion silver Myspace and Facebook are great for fun and social networking, but sites like Likedin and are great for professional networking. soldes adidas chaussures sport nautique homme Remember, when you become a member of these professional networking sites, to make sure all the information you display represents you in a professional manner. Nike Air Max 1 You donai??i??t want to give the wrong impression.

Donai??i??t Forget to Give Back

Once youai??i??ve landed your job through networking, you should help others. fjallraven kanken backpacks sale uk Networking isnai??i??t a one time event. nike air max Nike Internationalist sac a dos kanken pas cher It is a continual process. buy albion gold Maglie Toronto Raptors So, just like someone gave you a helping hand, you should give someone else a helping hand. adidas zx 700 damskie Nike Air HUARACHE Pas Cher Incidentally, by helping others, you will be building new relationships that could be beneficial to you in the future.

Remember, networking is a tool and skill that allows you to establish relationships where both you and your contacts benefit in some way.


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Advice for Law Students and Attorneys: Emphasize Labor and Employment

by A. Harrison Barnes on September 11, 2014

The market for labor and employment attorneys is “hot” at the moment. Womens Air Jordan 11 cheap albion gold People are losing their jobs at a record pace in the United States as layoffs and other economic downsizing starts taking effect. Canada Goose Homme albion silver Nike Air Max 2016 Heren When people lose their jobs, many decide to sue their employers and this results in extra work. Canotta Toronto Raptors asics gel lyte 3 pas cher In addition, the new Obama regime is very likely to sign pending legislation that is extremely pro union. Nike Kobe

  • Nike Air Huarache Uomo
  • This pro union legislation will create even more work for labor and employment attorneys. Scarpe Air Jordan 6 asics scarpe 2017 albion gold Fjallraven Kanken Mini Companies are already preparing for this legislation to be signed. Oklahoma City Thunder Jerseys adidas nmd mAi??skie buy albion gold As an attorney seeking a job, you should go where forests are the greenest. New Balance 420 homme goedkoop nike air max 2017 cheap albion gold Air Max Pas Cher You need to be where people want you. Nike Italia Store buy albion gold sac Ai?? dos fjallraven kanken pas cher The demand I am seeing for labor and employment attorneys is very high. When people talk about the legal market being poor, I know it is a gross generalization. Kanken Bag Australia mochilas kanken baratas Certain practice areas in the legal market are poor–the whole legal market is not poor.

  • asics femme pas cher When you look at the economic performance of law firms in good and bad times, there really is never much difference– total revenue numbers are generally pretty stable. The reason for the stability of revenues is because work simply shifts between practice areas. Scarpe Air Jordan 9

  • Nike Free 5.0 Dames
  • cheap albion silver Corporate work may grind to a standstill, while labor and employment work goes through the roof. Womens Jordan Retro 6 Air Jordan 6 Retro buy albion silver Fjallraven Kanken Sale Kids I have seen this pattern for years.


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    What Every Attorney Should Consider Before Accepting That First Offer

    by A. Harrison Barnes on August 19, 2014

    The interviewing process can certainly be overwhelming and exhausting.While you are anxious to receive that offer, asics gel kinsei 5 mujer cheap albion gold Chaussures Nike Pas Cher there are certain criteria every attorney should consider before accepting just any position.In order to find success and happiness within your job,

  • Nike Air Max 90 Donna Verdi
  • buy albion gold Nike Air Max 2016 Dames Blauw you must carefully examine the long-term potential the opportunity embodies.Making sure this job is an ideal fit can be crucial, Goedkoop Adidas NEO cheap albion silver nike air max 2017 dames as you definitely do not want to begin a new job search any time soon.

    One criterion which, New Balance 1600 damskie for many, albion silver seems to be of high priority is the annual salary.Even though the dollar amount is what you were looking for, it is important to consider a variety of related requirements an employer may have.For example, asics iii damskie if this position requires a 70-80 hour work week, New Balance 574 Pas Cher it is important to weigh this issue thoroughly. albion gold With any high-paying position come certain sacrifices.If an equally balanced quality of life is your top priority,

  • Air Jordan 9 Uomo
  • cheap albion gold then this position, buy albion silver although tempting, will have no long-term future.

    The quality of the firm is also another area to consider, as it relates to your future job satisfaction.Will this position allow you to successfully demonstrate your skills and areas of expertise?Even though a firmai??i??s status and prestige can be attractive, Adidas buty sklep buy albion gold if their practice is not consistent to where your true passion lies, VA?tements Armani Pas Cher then this will become another obstacle you encounter in the near future.Analyzing and exploring your growth potential within a certain firm or corporation should be evaluated well before you accept an offer.The most important thing to remember is– love what you doai??i?? if this is accomplished than success will ultimately follow.

    Many times attorneys often refer to ai???what if scenariosai??i??. buty siatkarskie asics allegro This notion can be useful in certain situations; however, Nike Air Max 2016 Dames Zwart Maglie Phoenix Suns deciding whether to accept a new job should be based on real- life scenarios and your present situation.It is impossible to know what lies ahead–but by being able to make accurate and precise decisions given the information at hand, nike air force 1 high hombre Maglie Detroit Pistons will enable you to find the best possible fit for you and your future.The bottom line…know what you want.Only you know what is best for your career.While it is common to ask others for advice regarding oneai??i??s career path, Nike Kyrie Irving your final decision should ultimately lie with you.

    Finding that ideal position can be a grueling task; once you have determined the type of opportunity you are specifically looking for, you are then more well-equipped to decide which offer is best suited for your career.Accepting an offer is not an everyday event and shouldnai??i??t be treated as such.A thorough assessment of your goals and priorities should be well-examined at the beginning of your job search.It is then,

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    The Interviewing Process: A Survival Guide for Recent Law School Graduates

    by A. Harrison Barnes on August 30, 2013

    Graduating from law school is certainly a job in itselfai??i?? now itai??i??s time to take the next step–landing that dream position! The interviewing process can be an extremely daunting task; while being able to sell yourself to a particular firm is, of course, the primary goal; there lies a plethora of guidelines every recent law school graduate should follow.

    In order to attain that first interview, your resume and cover letter will be the first impression a hiring authority will have of you; these documents need to be flawless, as there is no room for error. Once the interview date has been set, intense preparation should follow. This includes researching the firmai??i??s area of expertise, its well-established track record and gathering as much information about the person you will be interviewing with are all key factors a candidate should gather beforehand. Being prepared with detailed questions to ask the hiring authority is vital to a successful interview. The specificity and detail of these questions should be given a great amount of thought and, in turn, will demonstrate to the firm that you have done your homework. The day has finally arrivedai??i?? the interview is only a few hours away. You have completed the needed preparation and are beaming with confidence.

    Dress for Success-this cannot be overemphasized enough. This will be the first time you will be meeting your potential employer and you want to make a lasting impression. From your enthusiasm about the opportunity to what you wear on the interview are all taking into account and analyzed by the interviewer. Making sure your suit is neatly pressed and your tie is stain-free is just as important as what you say during this time. Other non-verbal communication such as your posture, handshake and maintaining eye contact are crucial as well. Nervous gestures, although understandable given the situation, need to be curtailed too.

    Once the series of questions have begun, your answers need to be well-defined and thorough in order to demonstrate how you will be an asset to the firm. Although saying you pay close attention to detail and have a strong work-ethic are important, it is recommended that you apply these qualities to experiences youai??i??ve had in the past (i.e. summer internships, clerkships, etc.). This will allow the firm to see how you handle different situations and obstacles when they do arise. By doing so, the firm is able to gain more insight into your character and abilities to successfully get the job done.

    The interview is coming to an end and you have eloquently articulated why you deserve the position. Although many law firms require multiple interviews before an offer is made, you should always close the interview by asking for the job. This simply reiterates your strong desire towards the firm, while demonstrating a certain level of confidence on your part. The last step, and one that is commonly overlooked, is sending a thank you note to the firm for their time and consideration. This simple gesture adds a personal touch and distinguishes you among those other candidates.

    By following these guidelines, your odds of a successful interviewing campaign may greatly increase.