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The Art of Networking

by A. Harrison Barnes on August 12, 2014

In almost every facet of oneai??i??s life,

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    Timing is Everything

    by A. Harrison Barnes on November 28, 2013

    The old clichAi??, ai???timing is everything’ is a phrase which relates to many of life’s situations. In an attorney’s job search, this statement cannot be overemphasized enough. Often times, I hear many misconceptions such as firms do not hire around this time of the year or the economy is just in too bad of shape.

    This is a big mistake. First and foremost, a successful job search requires that you be pro-active each and every day until you have found that ideal position. In those weeks and months you are unemployed, you are potentially losing thousands of dollars in income and this, of course, can be a strain on you and your family.

    Within the infrastructure of a firm or corporation, positions are often created to fill the overwhelming amount of work that filters into the legal department. This is why it is imperative to expand your job search to each and every avenue possible. Reaching out to the largest pool of potential employers allows you to realize all of the opportunities that exist in the present market. There is no undesirable time to send a resume and remember, timing is everything!