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An Advocate for Attorneys and Law Students to Get Jobs

by A. Harrison Barnes on August 20, 2014

In terms of helping attorneys get jobs, one of the more effective means for doing so is by approaching the specific types of employers you would like to work for (whether or not they are soliciting applications) directly through a focused campaign.

  • buy albion silver Sporadically applying to jobs on job posting boards, classified advertisements, and through recruiters can work — but for many attorneys it can take a great deal of time and does not work for even the best attorneys. I formerly practiced law with a major New York City-based law firm and knew several attorneys with stellar qualifications who sporadically applied to jobs through recruiters, classified ads, and job posting boards for years.

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  • You probably know attorneys who have been doing this for a long time as well. albion gold asics pas cher The ai???apply now and thenai??? means of going about a job search (which is a common strategy for most attorneys) cannot possibly give you the type of market coverage (and corresponding offers) that you are capable of gettingai??i??or ensure you get a position in a timely manner. No matter how good a recruiting firm is–not all firms use recruiters, and not all recruiters have all the jobs. No matter how good a job board is–no job board has all the jobs and you will be competing with every attorney with an email account. buy albion gold A.J. McCarron College Jerseys Statistics also indicate that the vast majority of legal positions in the United States are filled by unsolicited and self-initiated contact attorneys initiate with employers. nike air max 2016 goedkoop Incredibly, however, most attorneys never take the step of actually performing an aggressive self-initiated and targeted job search campaign to employers not soliciting applications. Even the National Association of Law Placement is clear that most attorneys get position by approaching employers who do not solicit their resume. The problem with contacting employers on your own is that it is a tremendous amount of work and something few practicing attorneys have the time to do. In addition, an attorneyai??i??s time is valuable. The amount of work required to build a comprehensive list of employers and hiring contacts within each city is profound. Nike Air Max 2017 mAi??skie NIKE AIR MAX Goedkoop Not all firms list themselves in Martindale, we estimate that less than 1% of the law firms in the United States are in the NALP Guide and–even assuming you had a comprehensive list of information–picking up the phone to make hundreds of phone calls to identify who to approach within each hiring organization is a ridiculous amount of work. adidas zx flux donna air max homme pas cher Not to mention the cost of printing, the possibility for typos in the contact information and loading all that information into a database to print all those cover letters and envelopes. nike pas cher In my opinion, the most effective way to get a legal position is by using a company called Legal Authority ( nike air max 2017 femme rouge cheap albion silver Fjallraven Kanken Mini Legal Authority probably assists more attorneys get positions than any single organization in the United States and what they do is nearly foolproof. Legal Authority (working closely with you) will review and revise your resume and cover letter, and then laser print cover letters and envelopes addressed to the hiring contacts in the specific types of legal employers you are interested in. Fjallraven Kanken Sverige Legal Authority maintains the largest database of legal hiring contacts of any company in the world: There are over 40 attorneys and researchers working at Legal Authority, and the company operates 24 hours a day updating a database of more than 750,000 hiring contacts. There is probably a 99.9% chance that the next legal hiring organization you go to work for is already in Legal Authorityai??i??s database. cheap albion gold How you get to these legal employers is up to you, but using Legal Authority will ensure you do find these employers. buy albion silver Goedkoop Adidas Stan Smith I strongly encourage you to review Legal Authority’s website at buy albion gold If you are serious about getting an attorney position, you owe it to yourself to at least speak with Legal Authority and hear what they can do to assist you. Nike Air Max 2017 Heren Legal Authority offers a free no cost or obligation consultation where they will tell you how many employers match your interests in the area(s) you want to work, and will advise you on changes you can make to your resume to make it more effective. chaussures gel lyte 5 One of the most important attributes any attorney can have is the ability to advocate. albion silver Legal Authority will make you your own advocate by, in effect, allowing you to do the type of work recruiters do on your own while providing you with (1) an effective and revised cover letter and resume and (2) personalized letters to every specific employer you tell them you would be interested in working for in any area of the United States, Europe or Asia. cheap albion gold nike air max 90 pas cher This strategy is effective and works: Legal Authority assists hundreds of attorneys each month has been used by top partners in major United States law firms, General Counsels of important corporations, associates in small and large firms, and even law students.


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    Why Legal Authority Works: Myth versus Reality

    by A. Harrison Barnes on April 6, 2011

    The most common means of obtaining a job was a letter or other “self-initiated contact” with the employer ai??i??ai???

    -National Association of Law Placement

    If you contact all of the employers in a given city that match your interestsai??i??if there is a job for you, you will find it.It is as simple as that.No job boards, classified sections, legal recruiters, on campus interviewing program or job fair has all of the jobs and many employers DO NOT HAVE JOBS until they are presented with a candidate that is attractive to them.It is as simple as that.

    LEGAL MYTH:This is just mass mailing, which is one of the most ineffective ways to find a job.

    LEGAL AUTHORITY:Youai??i??re right, mass mailing is an ineffective way to find a job.However, targeted mailing is NOT mass mailing!Mass mailings are generic letters that make a blanket statement to firms of all sizes, locations, and disciplines.You can expect one or two letters out of every hundred to solicit any response. On the other hand, targeted mailings are letters to a carefully compiled list of employers, distinctive as a group for their geographical location, type and size of firm, and areas of practice.With targeted mailings, you can expect a much greater return.

    The National Association for Legal Placement, a non-profit legal research organization, has determined that targeted, self-initiated mailing was the most successful job hunt tactic used by graduates and experienced attorneys, beating both on-campus interview programs and online resume posting.

    LEGAL MYTH:Iai??i??ll just post my resume on, and wait for the fruit baskets to come rolling in.

    LEGAL is effective for companies that are comfortable with online job hunting and recruiting.As a rule, law firms remain most comfortable with ai???snail mailai??? ai??i?? cover letters and resumes they receive from the post office, not from the Internet.Writing professional cover letters, on good stationery that show you have taken the time to contact the firm by writing a letter, addressing an envelope, stamping it and putting it in the mailbox is far more effective than simply hitting the ai???sendai??? button on your email program.

    With the number of attorneys seeking jobs, hiring partners and recruiting coordinators have the luxury of waiting for the resumes to come in the door.Unless they are doing proactive recruiting with legal search firms or law schools, there is little ai???resume searchingai??? that is done.

    LEGAL MYTH:I canai??i??t trust my future career prospects to your firm ai??i?? I need to do it all myself.

    LEGAL AUTHORITY:With Legal Authority you are doing it all yourself!Who better to trust your future with than a firm that spends 100% of its time creating and revising resumes and cover letters for attorneys?We will help you save time, improve your resume, and create a cover letter that will garner attention.With your input, we will select the firms that meet your standards, and you will have approval every step of the way.Youai??i??and not usai??i??will be sending out the final cover letters and resumes.Why spend valuable time researching firms when we have one of the most sophisticated databases in the industry that will guarantee accuracy and precision?

    LEGAL MYTH:I already have a headhunter ai??i?? I donai??i??t need to do any more work to find a job.

    LEGAL AUTHORITY:The truth is, many legal recruiters have a distinct disadvantage over self-initiated targeted mailing.For in-house hiring, clerkships, and of counsel positions, you have a much greater chance of receiving a positive response if you do not use a recruiter.For many law firm positions, recruiters will limit your exposure to a small amount of firms, normally less than 20 firms!Targeted mailing can be done for more firms, and we can help you send resumes and cover letters to as many hundreds of firms as you desire!

    LEGAL MYTH:I donai??i??t have the time to prepare 200 cover letters and resumes.

    LEGAL AUTHORITY:All it takes is filling out our Firm Profiler, spending a short amount on the phone with us discussing your options, and signing your cover letters.Thatai??i??s all the time youai??i??ll spend in your job search. Legal Authority is committed to helping you, the busy attorney, in your job search.Click here to see how the process works.