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Myth versus Reality: Prosecutor Jobs

by A. Harrison Barnes on August 24, 2013

There are thousands and thousands of prosecutor jobs and the courts are jammed.What a super way to get actual courtroom experience and uphold the Constitution.There are prosecutors in virtually every city in the United States.You too can uphold the law.

LEGALMYTH:Only the top students can get jobs as prosecutors.

LEGALAUTHORITY:There are thousands and thousands of prosecutor jobs. Certainly, some prosecutor jobs are harder to get than others.Nevertheless, if you want to be a prosecutor the chances are strong you may be able to be.

Confidentiality is a serious concern for any job seeker.Thatai??i??s why we will provide you with the actual letters, for your signature, for you to send out your materials to.Accordingly, you will never be contacting a law school you do not want to contactai??i??or worseai??i??your own law school.This is the way it should be.We will provide you with the contacts and you can run your job search with the letters, resumes and so forth we prepare on your behalf.