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Legal Authority is the smartest way for law students to find jobs.

by A. Harrison Barnes on September 24, 2014


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You can follow the crowd and the same old tired list of leads, Air Jordan 8 asics gel nimbus 14 donna albion silver Women Air Jordan 6 or you can take action and contact us.Legal Authority is the leader in finding jobs for law students from over 200 law schools.

Legal Authority has more legal hiring contacts than any company on Earth—over 75,000 of them.We have more legal hiring contacts than Martindale, Fjallraven Kanken Baratas NIKE AIR MAX 2017 PAS CHER buy albion gold fjallraven kanken cheap NALP or your career service office.We have a staff of over 35 attorneys and researchers updating our hiring contacts 24 hours a day.In addition, Tennis Nike AIR MAX ZERO QS New Balance 515 męskie Women Air Jordan 3 we have professional writers on staff who will review and revise your resume and cover letters so they have the greatest possible impact.You would be surprised to find out how many law students use Legal Authority to find jobs.Law students use Legal Authority because it works.

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On-Campus Interviewing or Legal Authority?

by A. Harrison Barnes on March 5, 2014

On-campus interviewing allows the largest firms to troll for what they define as the best candidates, (i.e. those with the best grades, law review membership, and class rank). However, most law school graduates have the skills and knowledge to succeed in most firms. Very often, law firms consider potential additions to their firm when they receive a resume in their “off-season”, namely, before or after the on-campus interviewing program. Also, many firms do not want to go through law schools’ frustrating on-campus schedule or bear the expense and lost time of traveling to schools, and they simply fill their ranks with students who demonstrate the initiative to send them a resume.

Legal Authority literally gets thousands of law students jobs each year. We have helped law students from every American law school. Some of these law schools had on campus interviewing programs and others did not (or had extremely limited ones). U.S. News and World Report statistics show that at many law schools, 60% of graduates are employed at graduation and, then, over 95% are employed within six months of graduation. Because we speak with numerous attorneys each day, the reason for this seems self-evident: Many attorneys who are not employed at the time of graduation get positions later. Unfortunately, these other attorneys not employed at graduation are often getting positions that are a last result more than a conscious career choice — poor paying jobs, or those with little chance of advancement.

Legal Authority ensures that law students and practicing attorneys realize their true market value because we assist them in contacting the segment of the market they are interested in, without relying on only the firms who choose to interview on-campus, or the firms recommended by their school.

It is not surprising that few law students get positions through on-campus interviewing. Only a small cross-section of firms even interview on-campus at second tier schools and these are most likely “local” firms. Out of the firms that interview on-campus, an even smaller percentage is likely to do the type of work you want to do. And, even if a given firm does the type of work you want, they are generally only seeking attorneys at the very top of most second tier law school classes. As a result, the range of potential opportunities cannot help but be quite limited.

In contrast, Legal Authority assists law students with contacting every single employer that does what they want to do. You will actually be contacting hundreds, and even thousands of opportunities, available in the markets you choose. By following this route, you ensure that you have access to each and every opportunity possible and realize the greatest “return” possible from both a financial and psychological standpoint. By making every possible contact, you know that you have left no stone unturned.

Each day across the United States, law students get positions through Legal Authority. We simply do not believe there is a more effective means for law students to get positions. We have seen so many law students succeed using our service that we often wonder what would have happened to the careers of these law students if they had not used our service and followed the “traditional” route. Compared to on-campus interviewing, our service is profoundly effective in ensuring that law students locate positions that best match their interests.

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