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An Advocate for Attorneys and Law Students to Get Jobs

by A. Harrison Barnes on August 20, 2014

In terms of helping attorneys get jobs, one of the more effective means for doing so is by approaching the specific types of employers you would like to work for (whether or not they are soliciting applications) directly through a focused campaign.

  • buy albion silver Sporadically applying to jobs on job posting boards, classified advertisements, and through recruiters can work — but for many attorneys it can take a great deal of time and does not work for even the best attorneys. I formerly practiced law with a major New York City-based law firm and knew several attorneys with stellar qualifications who sporadically applied to jobs through recruiters, classified ads, and job posting boards for years.

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  • You probably know attorneys who have been doing this for a long time as well. albion gold asics pas cher The ai???apply now and thenai??? means of going about a job search (which is a common strategy for most attorneys) cannot possibly give you the type of market coverage (and corresponding offers) that you are capable of gettingai??i??or ensure you get a position in a timely manner. No matter how good a recruiting firm is–not all firms use recruiters, and not all recruiters have all the jobs. No matter how good a job board is–no job board has all the jobs and you will be competing with every attorney with an email account. buy albion gold A.J. McCarron College Jerseys Statistics also indicate that the vast majority of legal positions in the United States are filled by unsolicited and self-initiated contact attorneys initiate with employers. nike air max 2016 goedkoop Incredibly, however, most attorneys never take the step of actually performing an aggressive self-initiated and targeted job search campaign to employers not soliciting applications. Even the National Association of Law Placement is clear that most attorneys get position by approaching employers who do not solicit their resume. The problem with contacting employers on your own is that it is a tremendous amount of work and something few practicing attorneys have the time to do. In addition, an attorneyai??i??s time is valuable. The amount of work required to build a comprehensive list of employers and hiring contacts within each city is profound. Nike Air Max 2017 mAi??skie NIKE AIR MAX Goedkoop Not all firms list themselves in Martindale, we estimate that less than 1% of the law firms in the United States are in the NALP Guide and–even assuming you had a comprehensive list of information–picking up the phone to make hundreds of phone calls to identify who to approach within each hiring organization is a ridiculous amount of work. adidas zx flux donna air max homme pas cher Not to mention the cost of printing, the possibility for typos in the contact information and loading all that information into a database to print all those cover letters and envelopes. nike pas cher In my opinion, the most effective way to get a legal position is by using a company called Legal Authority ( nike air max 2017 femme rouge cheap albion silver Fjallraven Kanken Mini Legal Authority probably assists more attorneys get positions than any single organization in the United States and what they do is nearly foolproof. Legal Authority (working closely with you) will review and revise your resume and cover letter, and then laser print cover letters and envelopes addressed to the hiring contacts in the specific types of legal employers you are interested in. Fjallraven Kanken Sverige Legal Authority maintains the largest database of legal hiring contacts of any company in the world: There are over 40 attorneys and researchers working at Legal Authority, and the company operates 24 hours a day updating a database of more than 750,000 hiring contacts. There is probably a 99.9% chance that the next legal hiring organization you go to work for is already in Legal Authorityai??i??s database. cheap albion gold How you get to these legal employers is up to you, but using Legal Authority will ensure you do find these employers. buy albion silver Goedkoop Adidas Stan Smith I strongly encourage you to review Legal Authority’s website at buy albion gold If you are serious about getting an attorney position, you owe it to yourself to at least speak with Legal Authority and hear what they can do to assist you. Nike Air Max 2017 Heren Legal Authority offers a free no cost or obligation consultation where they will tell you how many employers match your interests in the area(s) you want to work, and will advise you on changes you can make to your resume to make it more effective. chaussures gel lyte 5 One of the most important attributes any attorney can have is the ability to advocate. albion silver Legal Authority will make you your own advocate by, in effect, allowing you to do the type of work recruiters do on your own while providing you with (1) an effective and revised cover letter and resume and (2) personalized letters to every specific employer you tell them you would be interested in working for in any area of the United States, Europe or Asia. cheap albion gold nike air max 90 pas cher This strategy is effective and works: Legal Authority assists hundreds of attorneys each month has been used by top partners in major United States law firms, General Counsels of important corporations, associates in small and large firms, and even law students.


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    What Legal Authority Does

    by A. Harrison Barnes on August 18, 2014

    Legal Authority assists more law students, at more law schools, get jobs than any other

    We’re How Attorneys Get Jobs

    At Legal Authority, we are proud to say that our targeted mailing service helps more law students, recent law school graduates, and attorneys find employment than any other service in the world. Legal Authority was designed with you, the job seeker, in mind, and we are constantly evolving to meet every challenge that may be presented and present solutions to those hardest questions about your job search.

    What Exactly Does Legal Authority Do?

    Simply put, we grant you access to the largest legal employer database in the world. When you use Legal Authority, you will be interviewed by one of our attorneys who will take as long as it takes to understand exactly what you are seeking to do with your legal career. Legal Authority will perform searches for you based on your criteria (What practice areas interest you? What type of employer do you want to work for? Do you want a clerkship? How about in-house opportunities? Where do you want to live? What size firm would like to work for?), and develop a list that is targeted to your particular job search. carpe asics running cumulus We can even help you go abroad if you want to.

    “The most common means of obtaining a job was a letter or other ‘self initiated contact’ with the employer.”

    -National Association of Law Placement

    Legal Authorityai??i??s professional writers will review and revise your resume and create a cover letter for you that is tailored and created from scratch specifically for you. cheap albion gold You will work with the writer — as a counselor, guide, and expert — to come up with a letter and resume that are perfect for you.

    After we have a final resume and cover letter, Legal Authority will prepare a package of resumes, cover letters and envelopes, addressed to the hiring contact person inside each specific employer (not ai???To Whom It May Concernai??? or ai???Dear Hiring Partnerai???), with your return address and name on them. albion gold We Federal Express the package to you, and all you have to do is sign each letter, stuff each envelope, and put a stamp on each envelope.

    Can I Do What Legal Authority Does Myself?

    True. adidas zx 700 mujer You could get subscriptions to over 50 legal directories, make over 500,000 inquiries per year, hire over 40 people to update your database 24 hours a day, hire a crew of attorneys to counsel and advise you of the most appropriate employers to apply to, hire a crew of professional writers to review and revise your resume and cover letter, and spend far in excess of $1,000,000 (just to maintain a database each year). goedkoop nike air max nederland This is what we do at Legal Authority. nike air huarache donna Because thousands of law students use our service, the cost is profoundly cheaper than it would be if you were to do the work yourself. Theoretically, this is something you could do yourself.

    We speak with attorneys on a daily basis who believe they can do all of the work themselves. A lot of law students think they are smarter than us or somehow have everything figured out. Legal Authority is an expert at finding jobs for law students. It’s what we do all day, every day.

    Most of the law students who use Legal Authority are spending far in excess of $100,000 to attend law school for three years. Presumably, one of the reasons for going to law school is to get the best job possible. cheap albion silver Conversely, most law students who use Legal Authority spend less than $500 for our service. cheap albion gold In most instances, the cost of using Legal Authority is around $2.00 per employer we help you contact and our search can be as expansive or as narrow as you choose. Nike Air Max 2016 Dames Grijs When you consider that thousands of law students each year get summer and permanent jobs paying several times more per week than our service costs, not using Legal Authority could be expensive.

    ai???Legal Authority is, quite simply, the most effective way for law students to get the precise legal job they are seeking. Your first attorney job is already in our

    It is no secret that following the crowd and trying to find a job through your Career Services Office, networking, or applying sporadically to jobs on posting boards can be ai???hit or missai???. nike buty dzieciAi??ce buy albion silver You can compete with every other student, at every other law school, trying the same tired old methods, going after the same job listings, or you can take action and call Legal Authority. Legal Authority is the only way to find and apply to every single employer that might be interested in you.

    At Legal Authority, we have the resources to help more students find jobs than any other single organization we are aware of in the United States.

    Our database contains contacts for virtually every law firm, corporation, and public interest organization in the United States (we can even help you go abroad). We will review and revise your resume and help you apply to any employer you chooseai??i??anywhere. buy albion gold Our service is also extremely inexpensive. New York Knicks albion silver Contact Legal Authority today and let our Attorney Employment Advocates speak with you about your job search and how we can get you your first job.

    A Different Kind of Company

    Legal Authority is different. buy albion gold We are specialists in getting attorneys and law students jobs. It is the only thing we do. Once you make the decision to work with Legal Authority, we will serve you with the enthusiasm, integrity and insight you are entitled to. We are proud to make that promise to each of the law students who work with Legal Authority.

    Law students who have used Legal Authority know that we take our jobs extremely seriously. We are truly passionate about our work. It is not uncommon for many of our Employment Advocates and researchers to work as many as 16 hours a day, all week long. asics gel kayano 21 mAi??skie Sound familiar? As an organization founded by high-level attorneys, we know what it takes to succeed.

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  • Our firm has earned its reputation for decisive thinking and vigorous action. Legal Authority clients appreciate our honesty and upfront approach to assisting them with their job search. They realize that we live in a winner-takes-all environment where the stakes are always high.

    Our goal is to help start careers that will lead to meaningful lives for our clients.


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    Do Not Let Your School Control the Recruiting Process

    by A. Harrison Barnes on September 6, 2013

    Law Students and Recent Grads: Do Not Rely on Career Services. Take Control of Your Job Search!!!

    Every law student in this country is familiar with Career Services. You have probably used them to look for either a summer associate position, or a law clerk position while you attended school, or even a post-graduation position after you had taken the bar exam but before your results arrived. Some students have achieved varying degrees of success, but most students have been left dissatisfied, frustrated, and, most important, JOBLESS! If this describes your situation, Legal Authority exists to help students like you.

    This article is not designed to bash Career Services or the job that they do. Rather, this article is meant to highlight the fact that while Career Services serves a function, that function is rather limited. One thing that law students are not aware of is the fact that Career Services can only be effective for the top 10% of the class!!! Unfortunately, the other 90% of the class is left struggling to find positions. Legal Authority will assist that other 90% in finding the best jobs for them.

    The primary purpose of this article is to make sure that you, the job seeker, are equipped with all the information you need to take control of your job search. We will look at Career Services in terms of what do they do and whom they help the most. Next, we will look at why it does not make sense for you to place your future in the hands of Career Services. And finally, we will lay out your plan of action and determine how you can take control of your job search!

    Career Services: Who are they, and what do they do?

    As noted above, every law student in this country will at one time or another visit his/her Career Services office for assistance with his/her job search. In the fall, most if not all Career Services offices organize some sort of on-campus-interviewing process. Many schools refer to it as fall OCI (on-campus interviewing). During this process, many large law firms go to various law schools and recruit law students up to one year in advance to begin their positions with these firms the following summer. Career Services will help law students draft resumes and cover letters for the available positions. In addition, they will help law students get their resumes to the hiring coordinators of the large firms.

    Unfortunately, your decision to work for a firm that recruits on campus is not always in your control. First, firms are usually looking for the top students with the best grades, as well as journal/moot court participation. Second, you might be a student who is looking to move to a different geographic region for the summer, and firms from that region do not recruit on your campus. For the lucky few students who land their positions through this process, the hunt is over. However, for the majority of students, the job search is only beginning, and these students can no longer rely on their schoolai??i??s Career Services office.

    Your Future in the Hands of Career Services???

    Most students need to be proactive in their job searches and take whatever steps are necessary to ensure that they find the best jobs for them. If you are one of those students, Legal Authority can help you apply directly to almost any legal employer anywhere, including law firms, corporations, judges, public interest organizations, public defenderai??i??s offices, prosecutorai??i??s offices, state and federal governmental agencies, law schoolsai??i??you name it. With the largest database of legal employers anywhere, Legal Authority has contacts for more than two million legal employers in all 50 states and more than 150 countries. It is not unusual for our clients to get 10 or more offers. The limited resources of your law schoolai??i??s Career Services office simply are not designed to help you get such results.

    When looking for a job as a 2L, 3L, or recent grad, it is important to note that the job that you take is critical and will set up the first stage of your legal career. Because your first job as a law clerk or a first-year associate is so important, the wisest job seekers do not leave their job searches in the hands of Career Services. They are great for helping students with the best grades land great positions. And you must remember that your Career Services office has every incentive to promote their best students in landing jobs with firms. This is primarily because it helps to increase the schoolai??i??s ranking and prestige in the legal community. Nevertheless, if you are not one of those select few, Career Services can leave you feeling hopeless.

    Take Control of Your Job Search: Your Plan of Action

    As you might have experienced, it is very difficult to land a summer associate position if you have not been recruited. It is not, however, impossible. To maximize your chances of getting a great position, you need to first maximize both the quality and quantity of the interviews and then maximize your interview efficiency. This is where Legal Authority makes all the difference. We will help you get your resume and cover letters out to great firms that are looking for someone just like you.

    This opportunity is being utilized constantly by students and attorneys alike. Many 2Ls and 3Ls use targeted mailing as a way of getting around the nightmare of fall OCI, where only the top 10% of the class is offered job opportunities. The savviest students know that they can use Legal Authority to create their own fall OCI that is tailored to their needs and targeted to those employers that are not going to dismiss them simply because they are not first or second in their class. The service has helped numerous students from all over the United States bypass Career Services and take control of their job searches!

    Remember, when you conduct a job search using Legal Authority, the purpose is not to find just any job. If you sit around long enough, you will find any job. The point of this search is to find the best job for you. You will sample all of the opportunities out there and find the job that is the best fit for you and your needs. No other job search allows that. If you find a job through an advertisement, then you are at the mercy of that employer, including whatever salary and workload it dictates. There is no opportunity to weigh several offers and negotiate the best deal. Targeted mailing affords you that opportunity. Your future does not have to be governed by the lack of success during the on-campus-interviewing process. You can determine your career path and land a great position when you take the initiative with Legal Authority and take control of your job search!


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    What Is Legal Authority?

    by A. Harrison Barnes on August 25, 2013



    Legal Authority helps attorneys and law students manage their career moves more effectively and successfully. We are not a recruiting firm retained by a law firm or company to screen candidates for positions. Legal Authority is working on your behalf, helping you contact employers that meet your needs. By making more quality contacts, you can produce more phone calls, interviews, and job offers than you can by reaching employers through a recruiter and risking a price tag of 25%-50% of your salary affecting your chances negatively. This is accomplished through the design of high impact resumes and their targeted distribution in the marketplace.

    Free Resume Critique and Marketability Assessment

    If you would like to increase the impact of your resume and increase the effectiveness of your overall career marketing, let our Attorney Employment Advocates answer your questions about your career goals. We will also explain how Legal Authority’s services will be able to assist you in your search. You can call us at 1-800-283-3860 or wait for us to contact you to schedule your free critique. DELAY IS EXPENSIVE. Each month you remain under-employed or unemployed can cost you thousands of dollars. In addition, under-marketing yourself is the single most expensive thing you will do in your life. Put our resources to work for you. Just by registering, you have made a giant step in that direction. We look forward to helping you meet your career objectives.


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    Legal Authority and Law Students

    by A. Harrison Barnes on August 14, 2013


    Quite frankly, Legal Authority is not something that every law student in the United States should be using.And not every law student Legal Authority works with gets a job using our service.

    However, thousands of law students do get jobs using our service each year.We work with well over 100 law students per week who are seeking their first position.Our service is comprehensive: Our attorneys counsel law students about appropriate positions for them to apply to, rewrite their resume and cover letter, and provide them with professionally printed cover letters and envelopes to sign and mail.The average cost of our service is most often less than $500 for every law student we assist.

    Our attorneys generally spend at least an hour talking with each individual law student and then several hours redoing their resumes and cover letters.In addition, we spend far in excess of $1 million each year maintaining a database that contains the information students need to apply for jobs:What type of practice areas is the student interested in? What type of employer does the student want to work forai??i??a law firm, the federal or state government, a public interest organization, a corporation? Where does the student want to live? What size law firm does the student want to work for?

    Certainly, on-campus interviewing, relationships with employers, and other means are good ways for students to get jobsai??i??they always have been and always will be.However, we believe that our service is a profoundly effective way to ensure that law students find the precise job they are looking for when this job might not be available from more traditional sources.There is strength in numbers and because thousands of students use our service each year, we are able to offer a service far more effective than many law schools have the time, or the money, to offer.