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New Addition to Legal Authority

by A. Harrison Barnes on January 29, 2014

Hello out there to all those that might be interested in Legal Authority services. I wanted to introduce myself because I’m one of the new members to the Legal Authority team. My name is Kathy Robbins and I am the new customer service manager. A lot of my career experience has been in the manufacturing industry; more specifically packaging-shrink films and flexible film packaging. Legal Authority is not too much different in this aspect because in a way we are a manufacturer as well. We produce fine cover letters and resumes to send to your purchased contacts so that you can land a fantastic career in the legal field. Most of my experience is customer service with a little bit of sales thrown in for good measure so I’m really looking forward to helping you all with any customer service issues. In some cases, if you have trouble reaching your employment advocate it is because we schedule them with a lot of appointments so if you ever have a need or question you need addressed right away, feel free to contact us at 800-283-3860 and we’ll see if we can help. If it is something that needs to be addressed with your advocate, we will make sure to get a message to them and have them return your call as soon as possible.

I look forward to helping you and cannot wait to hear from you. Thank you all Legal Authority clients for your business!!

Kathy Robbins


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Who Can Legal Authority Help?

by A. Harrison Barnes on October 24, 2013

Who can benefit from Legal Authority?

-Associates at AmLaw 100 law firms who went to top 10 law schools.
-Partners at large law firms with a lot of portable business.
-Partners at large law firms with no business.
-Partners at AmLaw 100 law firms who went to top 10 law schools.
-Law students looking for a summer job.
-Associates at AmLaw 100 law firms who went to any law school.
-Associates at midsized law firms who went to Yale Law School.
-Law students looking for a permanent job.
-Partners at midsized law firms who went to any law school.
-Associates at small law firms.
-Partners at small law firms.
-In-house counsel at small corporations looking to work in another corporation.
-Associates in small, midsized, and large law firms looking for a position in a small, midsized, or large corporation.
-Partners in small, midsized, and large law firms looking for a position in a small, midsize, or large corporation.
-Government attorneys looking for a position in a law firm.
-Government attorneys looking for a position in a corporation.

The fact is simple: Every attorney can benefit from using Legal Authority. There is no particular Legal Authority client. All Legal Authority clients share one common trait: They want to get the best job possible, with the organization they are most comfortable with from an economic, opportunity, and cultural standpoint.

While Legal Authority can help law students and recent graduates obtain their first jobs, it’s also a practical service used by partners and general counsels at prestigious worldwide firms and corporations. Legal Authority is, quite simply, the most effective legal job search company in existence. The reason our service is used by so many attorneys from so many different levels of the profession is due to the fact that it enables attorneys to get an “instant snapshot” of the market and immediate interviews with employers where a good business case exists for hiring them.

Legal Authority helps anyone in the legal profession find work by using targeted mailing. It’s been estimated that more than 85% of legal positions are obtained by directly contacting law firms. Many firms, for example, do not advertise their open positions and/or cannot afford the fees that recruiters charge. To obtain work there, you must contact them directly and let them know you’re available. But first, you must find out who and where they are. And that’s exactly what Legal Authority provides.

To those looking for their first job, Legal Authority is an invaluable tool to help you reach the employers you won’t find in the want ads or on job boards. To established attorneys, Legal Authority helps you evaluate the market, to see “what else is out there.”

We start with the world’s most comprehensive legal database, consisting of more than half a million legal employers throughout the US and 150 other countries. Our experts sort through and narrow down those employers, using the criteria you select (by location, by practice, by size of firm, etc.). Finally, you’re left with a list of potential employers who specifically match the requirements you’re looking for. You get a tailor-made list of contacts waiting to receive your resume.

Legal Authority: No matter where you’re at in your career, we can help you.