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Legal Authority is the smartest way for law students to find jobs.

by A. Harrison Barnes on September 24, 2014


If I use the NALP Guide, cheap wow gold adidas yeezy boost 350 donna cheap albion gold Matthew Stafford Jerseys Martindale, Florida Gators Jerseys Carl Banks albion gold nike air max 2017 grijs or my career services office, Air Jordan 4 AIR ZOOM VOMERO 12 Baskets Under Armour cheap albion silver nike pas cher I will find my perfect job.


You can follow the crowd and the same old tired list of leads, Air Jordan 8 asics gel nimbus 14 donna albion silver Women Air Jordan 6 or you can take action and contact us.Legal Authority is the leader in finding jobs for law students from over 200 law schools.

Legal Authority has more legal hiring contacts than any company on Earth—over 75,000 of them.We have more legal hiring contacts than Martindale, Fjallraven Kanken Baratas NIKE AIR MAX 2017 PAS CHER buy albion gold fjallraven kanken cheap NALP or your career service office.We have a staff of over 35 attorneys and researchers updating our hiring contacts 24 hours a day.In addition, Tennis Nike AIR MAX ZERO QS New Balance 515 męskie Women Air Jordan 3 we have professional writers on staff who will review and revise your resume and cover letters so they have the greatest possible impact.You would be surprised to find out how many law students use Legal Authority to find jobs.Law students use Legal Authority because it works.

It is no secret that following the crowd and finding a job through your career services office, asics mexico damskie Chuck Posite Case Keenum – Houston Cougars cheap albion gold nike air maxschoenen networking, Nike Air Jordan 5
new balance baskets 996 bleu marine et or buy albion silver nike tn noir femme and applying sporadically to jobs on posting boards can be “hit or miss”.You can compete with everyone else at every other law school trying the same tired old methods of getting a job or you can take action and call us.No one but Legal Authority can help you apply to every specific type job you might be interested in.

At Legal Authority, Curry One Bambini Markus Kuhn Canotte Houston Rockets buy albion gold Yeezy Boost 350 Donna we have the resources to get more law students jobs than any other single organization we are aware of in the United States.

Our database contains contacts for virtually every law firm, Philadelphia 76ers Canada Goose Parka Expedition New Balance 247 hombre Adidas Running corporation, Jonas Gray Nick Chubb UGA Jersey government office,


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Why I Started Legal Authority

by A. Harrison Barnes on August 11, 2014

I Started Legal Authority to Get More Attorneys Jobs. One day I was sitting in front of my computer at BCG Attorney Search office and a resume came over email from a student of mine who I had taught law. While the law school I had taught at was ABA-approved, it was fourth tier and not considered the best law school in the United States. New Balance 577 damskie This student was at the top of his class and, like many other students in his law school, had been unsuccessful in securing a position with a law firm when he graduated. I was frustrated because, as a legal recruiter, I knew I could not help him. I was also frustrated because I knew that he had worked hard in law school, showed potential to be a good attorney, and deserved a chance. If someone does well enough in college to get into law school, completes law school, and wants to work as an attorney, he/she deserves a chance. I called this student and invited him in anyway. I rewrote his resume for him and helped him write a cover letter. Then I allowed him to send his documents out to the 300 or so law firms in the BCG Attorney Search database that were in Los Angeles. albion gold Calvin Ridley Jerseys Prior to this point, this student had simply applied to the law firms in the NALP guide and also had applied to the occasional listing in his law school’s career services office. Fjallraven Kanken Kinderen All that had ever resulted from this was an interview with a two-person law firm. Fjallraven Kanken Mini Out of the 300 applications he sent out, this student got several interviews and secured a position with a mid-sized law firm where he made close to $100,000 in his first year. I am sure his salary was among the highest of any student in his graduating class. Cam Newton Auburn Football Jerseys He is enjoying an excellent career today. Around this same time, the economy was beginning to go into a tailspin. Many of the corporate attorneys I had placed during the boom began to get laid off and, remembering the lesson of the law student, I started inviting them into my office and helping them redo their resumes and cover letters as well. Because there were so few corporate openings (and law firms simply would not pay recruiting fees for corporate attorneys), I helped these same attorneys send out their documents to the firms in the BCG database at no cost. adidas yeezy boost 350 hombre All of these attorneys got jobs. Word soon spread that I was helping corporate attorneys do this and corporate attorneys and others sought out my service to such an extent that I soon had no time for legal recruiting. albion silver We ran a “war room” of sorts out of BCG’s Los Angeles offices and attorneys came in and assisted each other in building a massive database of every legal employer in California.

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  • cheap albion silver Things were really crazy and we were operating 24 hours a day out of that office helping attorneys get jobs. nike air max 1 pas cher The printers were going like crazy all the time. buy albion silver cheap adidas uk What ended up happening, though, was that it all became too much, a lot of it due to the overwhelming costs involved. Soon, this mailing service was getting calls for help even though no formal business had been organized. In fact, I was spending thousands of dollars each week out of my own pocket to support this effort. kanken fjallraven soldes buy albion gold With the help of some really dedicated people, I soon started Legal Authority. Adidas Pas Cher Legal Authority is the embodiment of my goal to get the most attorneys jobs. asics kinsei classic To date, Legal Authority has gotten thousands of attorneys and law students jobs and gets more attorneys jobs than any other similar service in the United States. Unlike job boards or legal recruiters, Legal Authority helps attorneys find both open positions and jobs where none may exist. New Balance 1600 mujer buy albion gold Firms often actually create jobs for attorneys once the attorney has expressed interest in potential employment by simply sending a resume and well crafted letter. Legal Authority is truly an outstanding service and if there is one thing I have done in my life to “make a difference,” this is it. The success stories from this business are nothing less than remarkable. In order to run a business like Legal Authority, you need a lot of people. There are currently over 40 people working here, updating our data literally 24 hours a day. Legal Authority has contact information (we know exactly who is in charge of hiring) for virtually every American legal employer. cheap albion gold While personal stories may not have a role in my discussion of Legal Authority, I can tell you that starting this business almost destroyed me financially and personally. For over the first year Legal Authority was in existence, I worked 15+ hours a day on it virtually every day of the week. Goedkoop Nike Schoenen 2017 My wife divorced me and I came very close to going out of business for financial reasons several times. The debt I accumulated to start the business was nothing short of astonishing. In the first year of running Legal Authority, I was often losing in excess of $20,000 per week in order to do something I believed was a higher calling. I do not resent starting Legal Authority at all. Everything that is good in this world and every positive change is not easy. Each new challenge with Legal Authority has only motivated me further. I know that there are numerous, numerous lives of people everywhere that have been bettered through our efforts. cheap albion gold fjallraven kanken españa I am sure you can say the same for your work. This is something that gives both of us lives of substance and meaning. I gave Legal Authority everything I had because I knew I was doing something meaningful for the world. The problem with Legal Authority, though, is that the cost is expensive; and it is therefore quite exclusive and high end. Golden State Warriors While the attorneys who counsel people on their job search consider their work to be like public interest work (and are paid similarly), the costs of gathering data, rewriting resumes and cover letters, printing, shipping, and so forth are substantial. air max pas cher Accordingly, from an attorney and law student’s perspective, the cost of Legal Authority can be expensive. In most cases, attorneys spend over $500 (often more) to get a position through the service.


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    Using Legal Authority for Law Student Jobs

    by A. Harrison Barnes on June 4, 2014

    I am writing to tell you a secret you may not know. Fjallraven Kanken France Thousands of law students just like you use Legal Authority to find positions each year. Air Jordan 13 In fact, at some law schools, over 20% of the class uses Legal Authority to find positions. Your friends may not tell you about Legal Authority simply because law students are competitive by nature. nike pas cher Career services offices often do not talk about us that much either. If every law student used Legal Authority, then many career services offices would have very little to do. Nike Nettbutikk The reason Legal Authority is so successful is simple. stan smith adidas dames First, we will assist you in identifying every single employer that meets your specific interests in the area(s) of the United States you want to work in. Our database contains over 98% of all legal employers in the United States — over 750,000 legal employers. Nike Air Max 2017 Heren rood We employ over 25 people who do nothing but identify legal employers and hiring contacts inside these employers. Air Jordan 5 They then classify this information based on type, size, and geographic location. Developed at a cost of several million dollars, no law school or other organization has a database that comes close. Second, we will assist you in crafting a perfect resume and cover letter for the type(s) of summer or permanent positions you are seeking. We employ extremely skilled and trained professional resume writers who will spend the time to work with you personally to create for you a resume that makes you stand out. Nike Air Max 2017 Goedkoop A good resume can make a tremendous difference in your job search. We craft more law student resumes than anyone in the world. nike air max 2016 wit Third, we will provide you with complete printed and customized application materials to apply to the employers you select. All you will need to do is sign and stamp your application materials. The result of using Legal Authority is that your job search is as thorough, professional, and focused as it can be. There is nothing that can compare with our effectiveness. Some law students who have tried other job search methods without success and then used Legal Authority have gotten in excess of 20 interviews. Legal Authority is the top means in the United States for law students like you to get jobs.


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    Do Not Let Your School Control the Recruiting Process

    by A. Harrison Barnes on September 6, 2013

    Law Students and Recent Grads: Do Not Rely on Career Services. Take Control of Your Job Search!!!

    Every law student in this country is familiar with Career Services. You have probably used them to look for either a summer associate position, or a law clerk position while you attended school, or even a post-graduation position after you had taken the bar exam but before your results arrived. Some students have achieved varying degrees of success, but most students have been left dissatisfied, frustrated, and, most important, JOBLESS! If this describes your situation, Legal Authority exists to help students like you.

    This article is not designed to bash Career Services or the job that they do. Rather, this article is meant to highlight the fact that while Career Services serves a function, that function is rather limited. One thing that law students are not aware of is the fact that Career Services can only be effective for the top 10% of the class!!! Unfortunately, the other 90% of the class is left struggling to find positions. Legal Authority will assist that other 90% in finding the best jobs for them.

    The primary purpose of this article is to make sure that you, the job seeker, are equipped with all the information you need to take control of your job search. We will look at Career Services in terms of what do they do and whom they help the most. Next, we will look at why it does not make sense for you to place your future in the hands of Career Services. And finally, we will lay out your plan of action and determine how you can take control of your job search!

    Career Services: Who are they, and what do they do?

    As noted above, every law student in this country will at one time or another visit his/her Career Services office for assistance with his/her job search. In the fall, most if not all Career Services offices organize some sort of on-campus-interviewing process. Many schools refer to it as fall OCI (on-campus interviewing). During this process, many large law firms go to various law schools and recruit law students up to one year in advance to begin their positions with these firms the following summer. Career Services will help law students draft resumes and cover letters for the available positions. In addition, they will help law students get their resumes to the hiring coordinators of the large firms.

    Unfortunately, your decision to work for a firm that recruits on campus is not always in your control. First, firms are usually looking for the top students with the best grades, as well as journal/moot court participation. Second, you might be a student who is looking to move to a different geographic region for the summer, and firms from that region do not recruit on your campus. For the lucky few students who land their positions through this process, the hunt is over. However, for the majority of students, the job search is only beginning, and these students can no longer rely on their school’s Career Services office.

    Your Future in the Hands of Career Services???

    Most students need to be proactive in their job searches and take whatever steps are necessary to ensure that they find the best jobs for them. If you are one of those students, Legal Authority can help you apply directly to almost any legal employer anywhere, including law firms, corporations, judges, public interest organizations, public defender’s offices, prosecutor’s offices, state and federal governmental agencies, law schools—you name it. With the largest database of legal employers anywhere, Legal Authority has contacts for more than two million legal employers in all 50 states and more than 150 countries. It is not unusual for our clients to get 10 or more offers. The limited resources of your law school’s Career Services office simply are not designed to help you get such results.

    When looking for a job as a 2L, 3L, or recent grad, it is important to note that the job that you take is critical and will set up the first stage of your legal career. Because your first job as a law clerk or a first-year associate is so important, the wisest job seekers do not leave their job searches in the hands of Career Services. They are great for helping students with the best grades land great positions. And you must remember that your Career Services office has every incentive to promote their best students in landing jobs with firms. This is primarily because it helps to increase the school’s ranking and prestige in the legal community. Nevertheless, if you are not one of those select few, Career Services can leave you feeling hopeless.

    Take Control of Your Job Search: Your Plan of Action

    As you might have experienced, it is very difficult to land a summer associate position if you have not been recruited. It is not, however, impossible. To maximize your chances of getting a great position, you need to first maximize both the quality and quantity of the interviews and then maximize your interview efficiency. This is where Legal Authority makes all the difference. We will help you get your resume and cover letters out to great firms that are looking for someone just like you.

    This opportunity is being utilized constantly by students and attorneys alike. Many 2Ls and 3Ls use targeted mailing as a way of getting around the nightmare of fall OCI, where only the top 10% of the class is offered job opportunities. The savviest students know that they can use Legal Authority to create their own fall OCI that is tailored to their needs and targeted to those employers that are not going to dismiss them simply because they are not first or second in their class. The service has helped numerous students from all over the United States bypass Career Services and take control of their job searches!

    Remember, when you conduct a job search using Legal Authority, the purpose is not to find just any job. If you sit around long enough, you will find any job. The point of this search is to find the best job for you. You will sample all of the opportunities out there and find the job that is the best fit for you and your needs. No other job search allows that. If you find a job through an advertisement, then you are at the mercy of that employer, including whatever salary and workload it dictates. There is no opportunity to weigh several offers and negotiate the best deal. Targeted mailing affords you that opportunity. Your future does not have to be governed by the lack of success during the on-campus-interviewing process. You can determine your career path and land a great position when you take the initiative with Legal Authority and take control of your job search!