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Choose Legal Authority

by A. Harrison Barnes on August 9, 2014

We would like to tell you about Legal Authority and how attorneys and others in the legal profession throughout the United States have proven Legal Authority is the most effective way to find their next position. Nike Air Huarache Sale We help hundreds of attorneys get new positions each month and we are not a recruiting firm or job posting board. In fact, we are several times effective than a recruiter or job posting board. We have helped numerous attorneys from AmLaw 100 law firms, the General Counsels of Fortune 500 companies, and even law students. cheap albion gold Our Attorney Employment Advocates can help you too. Fact: According to the National Association of Law Placement: ai???The most common means of obtaining a job was a letter or other ai???self-initiated contactai??? with the employer…ai??? Fact: Legal Authority ( is the largest portal of legal employment opportunities in the world, seamlessly bringing attorneys and employers together throughout their career cycle. With the largest database of legal employers anywhere, Legal Authority has contacts for over 750,000 legal employers in all 50 states and over 150 countries. Nike Air Max 2017 Heren rood What We Do Works At Legal Authority, we are getting attorneys and people in the legal field positions every day of the week because what we can do for you actually works.

  • buy albion silver Consider: We have the largest database of legal employers in the world and there is probably better than a 99.9% chance that your next legal job will be with an employer in our database. How you get to them is up to you — you can do it now or you can do it later. Andre Ethier Authentic Jersey buy albion gold Be Smart In todayai??i??s legal market, over 85% of all available attorney positions are never publicized. The most efficient way to get these positions is through targeted mailing.

  • Legal search firms fill less than 5% of all available positions. buy albion gold We have heard over and over again that ai???networkingai??? is simply not the most effective approach. cheap albion silver Ads posted on job posting boards or in classified sections of legal newspapers often draw well over 1,000 responses. We are not a recruiting firm or a job posting board. Simply put, we are the legal professionai??i??s direct link to employers. At Legal Authorityai??i??s core is our strategy of allowing individuals to apply to legal jobs on their own, which drives our capabilities into a one-of-a-kind employment continuum, with our database at its center. We can cover any given market more efficiently, cost-effectively, and in less time than any source, anywhere. Choose Professionals We have a staff of over 40 attorneys, researchers, and writers who are updating our contact information 24 hours a day. Nobody tries harder to get attorneys positions. In addition, one of our attorneys will effectively revise your resume and cover letter to ensure that it is as good as possible. Do not make the mistake of approaching employers without having professionals review and revise your resume and cover letter. scarpe nike air max bambino scontate albion gold Delay at Your Own Cost With salaries for most attorneys exceeding $50,000, delay can be extremely costly. nike mercurial junior albion silver At an annual salary of $120,000, for example, you are losing $10,000 each month you are not working.

  • cheap albion gold This does not even reflect the amount of money you are losing in benefits and other employer-sponsored perks. asics gel lyte 5 uomo If you are unhappy with your current position, or your organization is in trouble, the emotional costs of remaining with an employer can be even more severe. Choose Legal Authority All we do is assist attorneys in getting positions. We are empathetic with each attorneyai??i??s particular circumstances and we will do our absolute best to assist you. We have the largest database of legal employers anywhere. However you are going about your job search, getting your resume in front of the decision makers is what it is all about. We can help you get your information in front of the people you need in order to get the jobs you want.

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