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Using Legal Authority for Law Student Jobs

by A. Harrison Barnes on June 4, 2014

I am writing to tell you a secret you may not know. Fjallraven Kanken France Thousands of law students just like you use Legal Authority to find positions each year. Air Jordan 13 In fact, at some law schools, over 20% of the class uses Legal Authority to find positions. Your friends may not tell you about Legal Authority simply because law students are competitive by nature. nike pas cher Career services offices often do not talk about us that much either. If every law student used Legal Authority, then many career services offices would have very little to do. Nike Nettbutikk The reason Legal Authority is so successful is simple. stan smith adidas dames First, we will assist you in identifying every single employer that meets your specific interests in the area(s) of the United States you want to work in. Our database contains over 98% of all legal employers in the United States — over 750,000 legal employers. Nike Air Max 2017 Heren rood We employ over 25 people who do nothing but identify legal employers and hiring contacts inside these employers. Air Jordan 5 They then classify this information based on type, size, and geographic location. Developed at a cost of several million dollars, no law school or other organization has a database that comes close. Second, we will assist you in crafting a perfect resume and cover letter for the type(s) of summer or permanent positions you are seeking. We employ extremely skilled and trained professional resume writers who will spend the time to work with you personally to create for you a resume that makes you stand out. Nike Air Max 2017 Goedkoop A good resume can make a tremendous difference in your job search. We craft more law student resumes than anyone in the world. nike air max 2016 wit Third, we will provide you with complete printed and customized application materials to apply to the employers you select. All you will need to do is sign and stamp your application materials. The result of using Legal Authority is that your job search is as thorough, professional, and focused as it can be. There is nothing that can compare with our effectiveness. Some law students who have tried other job search methods without success and then used Legal Authority have gotten in excess of 20 interviews. Legal Authority is the top means in the United States for law students like you to get jobs.


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Your Job Search Is All about the Numbers

by A. Harrison Barnes on August 21, 2013

Have you ever heard of Legal Authority? Think hard. You may have seen it somewhere in a magazine or on a website or on a billboard. Did you every wonder what Legal Authority is?

It’s the best kept secret of job seekers nationwide. More attorneys and law students find jobs using Legal Authority than any other source in the world. Most legal professionals are aware of the fact that over 75% of legal jobs are filled by word-of-mouth, not by job openings. Using Legal Authority’s aggressive career marketing program, they are able to dominate a job market and generate interviews while friends and colleagues are unable to even get a phone call.

You can tap into the hidden job market. Legal Authority has the world’s most sophisticated database of legal employers, containing up-to-date hiring contacts and classifications for specific criteria such as size, revenue, industry/practice area, and location. With your input, we will use this database to identify every single legal employer that meets your specific interests and search criteria. Somewhere in that market, your next job awaits. We just have to find it.

A good resume and cover letter can make a difference. Our skilled writers will craft a perfect resume and cover letter for the market you are approaching. You get the final say over the documents, of course, and our writers will work with you until we have an exemplary set of documents that will highlight your skills and illustrate your marketability. One of the most frequent comments our clients hear from employers nationwide is how impressed each employer was with the resume and cover letter. This level of perfection never goes unnoticed.

Numbers, numbers, numbers. Legal Authority will print out the completed, addressed application materials that we send to your door. All you do is sign each letter and stamp each envelope. As a result, mailing out hundreds of letters to employers and getting interviews by the handful only takes minimal effort on your part. And, with hundreds of thousands of legal employers nationwide, hundreds of letters are necessary for you to get your foot in the door. Legal Authority’s aggressive strategy is marketing at its purest, and we always win when playing the numbers game.

There’s always a catch. Except with Legal Authority. There is no catch. You are our client, and we will go to the greatest effort possible to give you the best chance you have at finding your next (or first) legal job. We know that you’re discouraged or disappointed in your job prospects, and we make it our goal to make your job search painless.

Think about your job search. Are you 100% confident that you’re doing everything you can to find the best job out there for you? Now that you have the answer, get in touch and start putting us to work for you. Visit our website at, or call us at 1-800-283-3860 to find out more about what we can do for you.