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8 Things Not to Include on Your Resume

by A. Harrison Barnes on December 4, 2014

When it comes to your job search, your resume is very important.  Here are 8 things you should not include:

  1. Personal Information: Employers should never know from your resume if you are married or single.
  2. Religious affiliations: This information can work against you, no matter how great your credentials are.
  3. Political affiliations: The same logic applies here.
  4. Photographs: Some employers are not legally able to consider a photo in determining whether to grant an interview, so often those employers will not even consider a resume that is submitted with a picture.
  5. Information about high school education: If you have graduated college, employers will assume you have graduated high school.
  6. Negative information: Remember, the purpose of your resume is to market yourself to potential employers.
  7. Low GPA: The same logic applies here – if the information makes your application less attractive, leave it out.
  8. Use of personal pronouns:  A resume should be written in third person. It is marketing material, not a personal letter.